Word on the Street

As a company, Access Redefined aims to achieve more than just business. We want to push the limits of possibility and progress. As we continue to grow, the stories we hear from our clients are tremendous, uplifting, and inspiring. These testimonials define Access Redefined. 

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Alejandro / Carolina

This is the story of Carolina and her son Alejandro. Alejandro has been equipped with an ARD serviced Wild Thing with an IMU wireless motion controller. It has truly been a remarkable experience being a part of their journey. Please click the link below to read their feature on "Univision Noticias". 



Original concept by Josiah Wolf. LED programming and design by Access Redefined.

This piece’s goal is to give the audience and performers (performed by the MYCincinnati Cosmic Ensemble) a real sense of how the orbital periods of Pluto, the eight planets and the seven largest moons in our solar system relate to one another through a series of musical themes and moving lights. The performance begins with Pluto's theme then each planet and moon enter one at a time until they are all playing together creating a 360 degree emersion of competing yet harmonious sounds, rhythms and lights. After Pluto has completed one orbit around the sun the piece finishes with Pluto's theme once again.


Bob appears on The Hart of New York Show to share methods for basic remote control and voice activation of home appliances as an introduction to entry level home automation and low cost assistive living solutions.