Power Wheelchair Customizations

We’re excited to share some of Access Redefined’s latest R&D projects!

First, we have our single switch driver control setup with veering controls. Drawing inspiration from this design by Magic Mobility (https://www.magicmobility.com.au/whats-new-single-switch-scanner/), the idea of giving greater control to single switch power wheelchair users seemed very exciting to us.

For many PWC users, a single switch setup to not only do the usual turn in spot, but also fluidly make smooth curves and adjustments in one motion without any stops will allow users to maneuver more naturally around things without stopping and correcting repeatedly.

Beyond the usual turning in spot, starts and stops of most existing single switch driver controls, this design allows for curves and adjustments in a continuous fluid motion. As demonstrated in the video below, all controls are operated via a single switch (microlight with left hand).

The user can still turn in spot in the traditional way if desired. These 2 methods of driving blend together seamlessly with this current design. The set up shown in our videos use the standard 9-pin connector compatible with R-Net and with Q-Logic enhanced displays.

Click here for more details and technical information.

Second, we’ve received several inquiries about custom lighting. We found people to be passionate and proud of their chairs and we wanted to demo some work that is more cosmetic, but personal and inspiring for PWC users. Here is something we put together.