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Switch Activated Wild Thing with Remote Controller

The Switch Activated ARD Wild Thing is our signature customization service and most popular inquiry at Access Redefined.

It features a wireless and rechargeable joystick remote controller to serve both as a safety override and provide assisted steering for caretakers.

wild thing remote.jpg

The ARD Wild Thing has been switch-enabled using our custom PCB and is compatible with off the shelf adaptive switches to control forward and reverse movements, left and right turning with up to 4 switches in total.


If off the shelf switches do not suffice, we provide custom accessibility solutions such as but not limited to motion activation and eye-gaze control as well. 

The speed of the Wild Thing can be adjusted on the go up to 4 different speeds to accommodate for use in various environments. From the parks and city streets of NYC to the grassy fields in Michigan, the ARD Wild Thing is a great gift or powerful tool for children with mobility issues. The original idea for our design was based on providing young children an opportunity to explore powered mobility safely at a young age to motivate and promote increased independence. Here are some skills and ideas explored simply by playing with the ARD Wild Thing.

  • stop / go concept

  • left and right directionality and orientation

  • improve proprioceptive awareness - awareness of surrounding environment and how his own body relates to space

  • provide opportunity for independent mobility / opportunity for independent exploration of environment

  • increase visual awareness and provide opportunity to improve sensory integration with emphasis on functional vision

  • obstacle negotiation / safety awareness

  • improve cause/effect through switch access

  • improve reaction time

  • social development through outdoor play / opportunity to share play spaces with other children

  • provide baseline and foundational skills necessary to operate powered mobility chairs / power wheelchairs

Here's another look at our remote controlled and switch adapted ARD Wild Thing in action. Seating and wheel mods for this unit provided by Amy McCluer. "I love it. It will go everywhere with us. I'm done pushing him haha!!" - Amy and Bray

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Amazon Echo (Alexa) controlled Hill-Rom P3200E VersaCare hospital bed

At Access Redefined, we are able to provide accessibility solutions using a variety of input methods including voice activation. For example, here is a sample of our Amazon Echo (Alexa) controlled Hill-Rom P3200E VersaCare hospital bed via a simple plug in custom P3207A -01 hospital bed pendant. This device was produced for users who no longer had the dexterity to use the bedside remote to activate the bed controls with their hands. Using their voice, the user can now raise or lower the head and foot of the bed separately. The duration of the action (up or down) can be adjusted. Also the same voice command can be given multiple times to move different distances. 

As an added functionality, we are able to provide voice activation through an Amazon Echo to create a versatile hub to control many appliances and environmental controls. For example, here is our device receiving commands through an Amazon Echo (Alexa) to control a pillow speaker (room remote) to give voice control over the lights, TV, and nurse call bell at Mount Sinai Hospital. Together with our voice activated hospital bed controller, a patient has full control with just their voice.

Access Redefined provides home automation services and environmental control solutions using a variety of input sources, not limited to voice activation. We are able to create one-button universal remotes as well as provide facial recognition and motion detection interfaces for activation of household appliances and environmental controls. 

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