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At Access Redefined, we do not sell products or mass produce assistive devices because we believe any assistive device requires precision and finesse tailoring to function meaningfully for individuals with assistive needs. When working with Access Redefined, we will serve as consultants who can make your situation better by providing ideas and feedback. We provide support to clients throughout the iterative process to help find the best use of time, resources and funding. You're paying for us to be in your corner, find solutions to your problems, and help you make decisions on what can be done. When our clients fully understand the range and scope of our solution, Access Redefined will begin research, development, and testing of your unique, personally tailored, custom assistive device.

Here are some examples of work we have down with clients in the past; the challenges they were facing, the solutions we suggested, and the final product that was delivered. For anyone interested in our services, or if you or anyone you know has a wish list that you would like Access Redefined to look at, we will be grateful for your time and interest. Bob and I will find a way to make assistive technology work for you!


Bray and Amy

Bray received a Power Wheels Wild Thing but could not operate the standard twin-joystick controls independently. The Wild Thing does not come with any remote control capability, so Amy had no way to assist Bray in operating the device. With Access Redefined’s service, the Wild Thing has been outfitted with custom electronics to allow Bray to drive the car by pushing down on a single large button. The car can be controlled with up to four buttons to allow Bray to control turns, forward and reverse. But for now, Bray is using one button to move forward.

We also created a remote controller for Amy to serve both assistive and safety purposes. The remote controller can override Bray’s controls to help steer him out of trouble when needed and help him navigate. The remote has the ability to shut off the car immediately and will also shut the car off when out of range.

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Jimmy no longer had the dexterity required to independently operate his motorized hospital bed. However, he had experience using an Amazon Echo (Alexa) and expressed interest in having his bed be controlled with it. With the help of some custom electronics, we were able to make that happen for him.

Roosevelt Children’s Center

The Roosevelt Children’s Center serves preschool students with multiple/profound disabilities. They had access to a limited variety of switch accessible toys and were in need of more motivating toys for the students. Upon our evaluation, we found that none of their switch accessible toys were capable of accommodating multiple users to promote more interactive and social play. With this in mind, we created several new toys just for them.

The switch adapted slot cars were a big winner with both students and staff because of its ease of use and nostalgic familiarity. The ability for two students to play together simultaneously while controlling their own car proved to be integral.

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The single switch claw game is a classic arcade staple. We were extremely excited to bring the students a modernized version that they could play with a single switch. The game can be played two different ways- one button press to initiate a random movement and claw drop, or full control via scanning by holding the button down to control each directional movement before dropping the claw. The scalable difficulty made the claw playable for students of all abilities.

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The hungry hippos were not part of the lot of toys supplied to Roosevelt, but were r&d by us based on the lessons we learned working with the students at Roosevelt. We wanted to show that we can adapt a variety of familiar toys to make accessible for all!

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